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IPL 2016 final - Will an Indian win it again for his side?

The final of the 9th edition of  Indian Premier League (IPL) is going to be played today i.e. on May 29, 2016 between the teams 'Royal Challengers Bangalore' and 'Sunrisers Hyderabad' at M Chinnaswamy stadium in front of passionate crowds.

Some people are saying it is Virat Kohli Vs David Warner. Whatever you call it,  RCB Vs Surisers or (Bangalore Vs Hyderabad) is expected to be a mouth watering contest.

While most experts believe in India, especially Indian TV commentators, that it is overseas players who win matches for their teams, the interesting but true fact is that, that it is a local player (of India) who has been the match clincher in most important matches, especially finals and eliminators, in IPL T-20 history.

Sarfaraz Khan RCB along with Chirs Gayle IPL
Sarfaraz Khan and Chris Gayle
Avid fans of IPL would remember that the first edition's star was Yusuf Pathan of Rajasthan Royals while in last edition we saw Wriddhiman Saha playing a breathtaking knock against Kings Eleven Punjab while chasing a stiff target.

It is sad that despite making important contributions the local players aren't given the respect that they deserve. Sure, some of them have disappointment, but that will always happen. It happens all around the world.

Do all players playing in English County Cricket end up playing for their country? No.
What about Australia's sheffield shield, Big Bash league? Do all the players playing there play for Australia. Ans is No.

Thus it is wrong to direct fingers only on local young players and to blame them for every loss.

Do you remember what was advertised as prime objective of IPL when it started?

"It is a platform for young cricketers of India to learn and improve their craft and gain experience by interacting with heavily paid foreign players."

So why now Indian TV commentators and critics expecting a youngster to come and score a triple hundred in a T-20 game.

Be it a Yusuf Pathan, Krunal Pandya, Sarfaraz Khan, Jasprit Bumrah, or even Yuzvendra Chahal, all have done well. Plenty of players doing well at young age. Expecting more than that is 'foolhardy' to say the least.

If you put your hand on your heart and be honest about it, and ask yourselves - who has contributed more towards their team's performances when it mattered most? You will find that it is an Indian player who has stood up more than overseas players.

During this IPL itself we have seen like of 'brendum mccullum' also known as 'Bazz'  and even 'Chris Gayle' and 'AB De Villiers', throwing their wickets away at numerous times. No one asks them - What was the need of playing that circus stroke? But if a young indian gets out, even during final overs when you are looking to maximize score, or when required rate is over 12 an over, the TV commentators of India waste no time in reprimanding them.

Other thing is blame game on local Indian bowlers. The way they are treated, including test bowlers, in our country is ridiculous. Batsmen who don't known even how to behave (while they played for India) keep telling us how our bowlers should behave. And worst part is they don't know anything about fast bowling. Not beyond good line and length, anyway. Bowlers, especially fast bowlers of India are doing great service for the nation. You have to take into consideration the lack of fast bowling knowledge and glamour around fast bowlers in India. Bowling their hearts out on spinner friendly (not flat) pitches, they deserve salute.

You listen Wasim Akram talking about fast bowling and than you listen some of the Indians, you'll know the difference. When was the last time you  heard Indian TV commentator talking about muscle memory of a fast bowler?

Currently the leading wicket taker and purple cap holder is 26 year old Bhuvneshwar Kumar (he is Indian national cricketer). But still you would hear regularly someone commenting "It's Indian faster bowlers who are not learning". Yes bhuvi (nick name of bhuvneshwar) was taken apart by young batsmen Sarfaraz Khan (another impressive indian player who never gets credit), but it was his excellence rather than poor bowling. There was no long hop bowled by bowled at that occasion. Yet he was held responsible for the loss.

Thus far 3 Indian bowlers, R.P Singh (2009), Pragyan Ojha (2010), and Mohit Sharma (2014) have won a purple cap award ( given to the highest wicket taker of tournament) out of 8 caps. And at second position it's again an Indian bowler in most editions. Pretty impressive performance, but you'll never feel like that, the way bowlers are ridiculed in Indian cricket.

Now let's come to batting. Surprisingly only 2 Indian batsmen, Sachin Tendulkar (2010) and Robin Uthappa (2014) have won an orange cap (given to leading run getter in a tournament). Not much for highly hailed batsmen. Yet, at second positions there are local batsmen rater than overrated overseas cricketers.

There is no doubt that today's final will also be won by the team whose Indian player will stand up. Overseas players have always done nothing more than being present for attendance at the finals of IPL. Exception is few West Indies (Caribbean country) players who are like Indians.

It is high time that Board of Cricket for Control in India (BCCI) decide on who should represent them on TV. It is an important medium where billions of people watch matches. No one should be allowed to point fingers on local Indian players, just like that.

Question is now - Will it be a overseas player for a change, or as usual an Indian who will win a IPL finals for his side again.?

Don't forget to watch match live from 8 pm onward.


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