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Virat Cricket Info, as name suggest is a website about Indian Cricket, Virat Kohli, the current captain of Indian Cricket team.

If you are a real fan or game of cricket, and in particular Virat Kohli, you have to be part of Virat Cricket Info.

Why Virat Cricket Info and not Cricket Info or Cricinfo?

Well, have you seen any cricketer more excitable as Virat Kohli? Don't say yes, because than you'll be either kidding or lying.

Virat Kohli is not only a committed, dedicated, and determined leader, but he is also a young man who is already an able role model for not only Indians but young men all around the world.

Day by day one can get inspired by how he goes about his work in the field of cricket. Even after achieving so much, the burning desire to improve more and more and to take Indian cricket to a level untouchable, is something which can only be appreciated.

Thus, we wanted to make Virat standout and not only cricket.

Hence, Virat Cricket Info.

Is it only about Virat Kohli?

Don't worry. We cover everything about game of cricket. It includes previews and reviews on latest cricket matches.

What you will find?

While we won't be in a position to update with live cricket scores, as we aren't as big as cricinfo or cricbuzz at the moment, but we will make sure you get excellent stories on cricket and viewpoints.

Why are we different?

Most cricket websites make their day by insulting or abusing Indian cricketers and Indian cricket team. Criticising Indian cricket and the cricketers seems to sell. But this is where we are different. There is so much positive about Indian cricket which never seems to be highlighted. We will do that.

That's God Promise.

We hope you will like every bit of our cricketing website. And of course we look forward for your contribution too. Your feedback and suggestions will be most welcome.

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Virat Kohli is already the best Indian Cricket Captain

How do you measure : Who is the best captain of a country's cricket team? Who really has been the best captain of Indian Cricket Team? Some of you will look at stats and would rank a captain based on win percentage, the number of matches won against the matches that India lost under a captain.

Some others may focus on how many big tournaments, like an ICC World Cup, or an ICC Champions Trophy, a team has won under a captain. And greater the number the higher a rank a captain may get based on that number among the best cricket captains.

But there is more to measure a captain. Best captains not only win tournaments and series but also address and try to correct the age old problems in the teams, without making excuses.

This is where Virat Kohli has already succeeded when compared to his predecessors. The perennial problem of Indian cricket teams is the attitude with which they play cricket. Most times it has been dull, boring and defensive. This has been backed by everyone who has …

One Record Virat Kohli Must Go For

Virat Kohli is the modern run machine. Every time indian cricket captain takes the field records starts to tumble. There are many virat kohli records which his fans are extremely proud of, but there is 1 cricketing record, a batting record, which Virat Kohli must go for, for if he is able to achieve it he will be extremely proud of himself.

We know Virat Kohli doesn't care about records. It happens for him.He is one of those record breakers who breaks and runs, and finds a next record standing hopelessly in front of him so that he can  break it. Breaking records seems to have become a second nature for him. You think about a cricketing record and you will find virat kohli chasing it, or very close to breaking it.

Virat has made so many records that breakdown of all his records will need a separate article. But here is 1 record which virat kohli must go for and something which we want to discuss about.

Record for Maximum Number of Runs in a Single Tour: So far virat kohli has amass…

Don't blame Kohli for Loss When You Can't praise him for Wins

India has just lost couple of test matches in South Africa and battle ready swords are out pointed towards Virat Kohli, the captain of Indian Cricket team.

The quickness with which these swords have come out of scabbards shows that majority of indian cricket critics were waiting for an opportunity. An opportunity that Virat Kohli denied them ever since he took over captaincy in middle of the test series in Australia from his predecessor MS Dhoni.

So called experts in Indian cricket had no doubt whatsoever that Virat Kohli will fail as captain. They thought he is over aggressive, arrogant, and what not. And when he lost that first test as a captain at Adelaide while going for a chase, the critics got off to the perfect start.

While Kohli thought he had sawed right seeds in encouraging team to go for a win in a overseas test (a rarity in India cricket), critics called it a nonsense and arrogant move.

For the next 6 months no stone was left unturned to remind kohli that he committed a s…