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Why it is wrong to devalue Rohit Sharma's 264 world record against Sri Lanka

Mr. Rohit Sharma, India's opening batsmen, created a world record by amassing mammoth individual score of 264 runs against Sri Lanka. In an amazing display of class and power hitting stroke play RG Sharma delivered 33 fours, and 9 sixes, and faced only 225 balls. The fact that all this was done at Eden Gardens Kolkata, makes it even more memorable.

By any sense of imagination it was a mind boggling effort. To score almost a triple hundred where there are only 300 legal balls available for the entire team of 11 batsmen, Rohit Sharma did unthinkable.

Some people, especially indian cricket analysts and experts, tried to take the gloss off the performance, by giving illogical statements like "this can only happen in India", "wickets in subcontinent are flat", "sri laka's pace attack is miserable", and many more such statements  which doesn't deserve mention in this credible cricket blog.

It's not that subcontinental pitches have become what t…

Who should open in India's tour of Australia 2014-15

The indian cricket team is blessed with quite a few good batsmen these days. Be it Virat Kohli, Shikhar Dhawan, or Rohit Sharma, all have done justice to their batting positions by performing consistently. Yet there is some doubt, although unnecessarily, about whether they would perform well on fast and bouncy pitches of Australia. Since India v Australia 2014-15 is about to start in few days from now who should be india's opening batsmen is again a talking point.

Pitches in cricket are always over talked and this too is unnecessary since playing sport is all about overcoming the playing conditions and then performing to beat the opponent. Whenever someone says pitches in India are flat and pitches elsewhere are not so flat, it is good to know that he is just fooling around.
Coming back to opening the batting in test cricket - it is a very specialized job. Not everyone can do it since it requires better temperament, skill, technique, and ability to face the best bowlers of opposi…