Mr. Rohit Sharma, India's opening batsmen, created a world record by amassing mammoth individual score of 264 runs against Sri Lanka. In an amazing display of class and power hitting stroke play RG Sharma delivered 33 fours, and 9 sixes, and faced only 225 balls. The fact that all this was done at Eden Gardens Kolkata, makes it even more memorable.

rohit sharma world record 264
smile is back on rohit sharma's face. 'nohit' is now hitting
everyone everywhere, including his critics
By any sense of imagination it was a mind boggling effort. To score almost a triple hundred where there are only 300 legal balls available for the entire team of 11 batsmen, Rohit Sharma did unthinkable.

Some people, especially indian cricket analysts and experts, tried to take the gloss off the performance, by giving illogical statements like "this can only happen in India", "wickets in subcontinent are flat", "sri laka's pace attack is miserable", and many more such statements  which doesn't deserve mention in this credible cricket blog.

It's not that subcontinental pitches have become what they are now, suddenly. They were always like this. They were same when Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Inzamam Ul Haq, Sanath Jayasuriya were playing. Even today Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardene play most of their cricket on same pitches, if not flatter one's. How many double hundreds have they scored?

The reality is that traditionally it has been difficult to score bigger runs in subcontinent as compared to pitches in other parts of world. The pitches tend to hold up, and unlike Australia and South Africa where it is piece of cake for any damn cricketer to hit like Viv Richards, to hit the ball with good timing is an extremely difficult task in India. The proof of this theory comes from test cricket scores. Before sehwag not a single triple century was seen in India. And Virender Sehwag could do it because he will score so quickly that he is already on 200 before pitch starts to break up. On the other hand there are plenty of examples where the double tons are scored with regularity in places like Australia, South Africa, England, and New Zealand.

It is quite clear that those who are trying to discredit Rohit Sharma are suffering from a very old disease in cricket called 'jealousy'. We have watched growing up these criticizers and have seen on more than one occasions that just to remain not out, just to better their averages, they will cross all limits of selfishness in their playing days. Team might get a sub par total, but they will be happy as long as their averages boost up a notch,

What is amusing is that the same criticizers hailed Mathew Hayden's triple hundred record against miserable Zimbabwe bowling. The knock was played on a pitch where not a single ball turned. Yet the knock was held in high esteem. No one is trying to devalue Mathew Hayden's effort here. But Rohit Sharma deserves appreciation for his effort too. It was a knock played under extreme pressure, where another opener Ainkya Rahane (who scores once in thirty innings) was trumpeted to be next Donald Bradman by the same critics. and  RG Sharma had only one chance to stake his claim for world cup 2015. Devaluing a knock like this is making a fool of oneself.

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