In a recently concluded test series between India and Australia, India performed beyond the expectations of the x cricketers of India. The new generation players of Indian cricket team, who are labeled to be the limited over slam bang stars actually shown that they have more than enough skills and also temperament to do well on pacy and bouncy wickets of Australia. This was one of the best batting performance by any teams touring Australia.

adelaide test match cricket
India lost the series 2-0, but they threatened Australia all the way. One of the most remarkable thing which one saw after a long time was the 'never say die attitude' of the team, especially when it was led by Virat Kohli.

In first test match at Adelaide, where it was like 'win the toss, win the match' scenario, India was unlucky to loss the toss. They conceded plenty of runs, which was expected on such a flat wicket. This means they had to bat last on a pitch that was turning miles. The teams of past would already have given hope. One can see this when some of the retired cricketers declared that it is no point going for a win. But the young Indian team, led by Virat kohli, chose to go against what the former powerful big named cricketers wanted. Past cricketers wanted draw, since for former Indian cricketers draw is as good as win. But this team doesn't believe in that nonsense.

India lost the game by 48 runs. Now, rather than appreciating the effort, the critics went after the new team and captain. The attempt to go for a win was called 'foolhardy'. But let's see if it was really so.

Why foolhardy? To call the attempt to win a match foolhardy, is actually nonsense. How many wins does India have in their kitty on overseas tour to not to go for a win when it looked likely? All logic and history suggests that India's best chance to win in Australia was at Adelaide and Sydney, This is because of conditions. The second match was at Brisbane where Australia has not lost in donkey years. So the team was right in going for a win where they likely had a best chance of getting it.

Some of the former Indian cricketers, who no one likes except for the online blind followers, and those who have hijacked Indian commentary box are shame for the nation. It is extremely important that BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) take steps to make sure that these guys don't represent India on public channels. The way they are criticizing Indian players and putting up the image of India in general is shameful.

The worst part is some of these former cricketers are influencing team selection, and thereby results. Not long ago a chinamen (a term for left arm leg spin bowler in game of cricket) bowler was selected, not on merit, but because a former giant of Indian cricket had a personal liking to him. Not only the selection disturbed the balance of the team but also denied the deserving candidates a chance to play in final eleven so that they can stake a claim for the world cup team selection.

Recently, after a match where India lost to England in tri series down under in Australia, the same former opening batsmen has made a statement to drop Ishant Sharma, Umesh Yadav, the two fast bowlers from the team. This is despite the pitches in 2015 ICC cricket world cup are likely to help them. No one knows what is the western interest out there. It's foolhardy to make such statements.

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