How do you measure : Who is the best captain of a country's cricket team? Who really has been the best captain of Indian Cricket Team? Some of you will look at stats and would rank a captain based on win percentage, the number of matches won against the matches that India lost under a captain.

Some others may focus on how many big tournaments, like an ICC World Cup, or an ICC Champions Trophy, a team has won under a captain. And greater the number the higher a rank a captain may get based on that number among the best cricket captains.

But there is more to measure a captain. Best captains not only win tournaments and series but also address and try to correct the age old problems in the teams, without making excuses.

This is where Virat Kohli has already succeeded when compared to his predecessors. The perennial problem of Indian cricket teams is the attitude with which they play cricket. Most times it has been dull, boring and defensive. This has been backed by everyone who has played and now retired from such boring, dull, and defensive cricket teams.

Among many strength's of Kohli as a captain, one of the great strengths of Virat Kohli is he has the ability to pick best 11 players for any match, among the options available.

Virat Kohli at Press Conference after the Match
Virat Kohli at Press Conference after the Match
If you ask a retired Indian cricketer, retired before 2014: What do you prefer a drawn game or a possible loss while attempting to go for a difficult win? The answer would be, almost 99 percent of time: I'll prefer a draw.

There seems to be certain comfort that Indian cricketers before Virat Kohli enjoy while playing for a draw. Thing is it suits their game. It doesn't require them to burn their lungs aka run hard between wickets or give 100 percent while fielding. All they wanted was a good name, a stint as a commentator after retirement (may be) or to get endorsements. And that defensive attitude is enough to earn all these.

But does that defensive attitude does any good to India? Did it inspired the generations to take up challenge heads on? Answer is No.

The fans did fill up cricket stadiums in India and did clap for personal milestones ( like 100 hundreds) that defensive player achieved, but never felt inspired.

This where Virat Kohli has come as a spell of fresh wind with new positive theories and attitude to take up challenges.

But to take up those difficult challenges you need to have personnel who can help achieve those tasks which looked impossible to achieve for defensive players.

Indian team has been too dependent on spin bowlers and so called "batsmen with great techniques". Reality is that India never had a quality spinner nor a batsmen with good technique. Check out averages of Rahul Dravid and Cheteshwar Pujara outside Asia, Absolutely abysmal.

Virat kohli has shifted focus towards India's fast bowlers. He has realised that the fast bowlers deserve as much respect, if not more (since they bowl in non friendly pitches 100 percent of times), as other non performing assets of Indian cricket team. We can already see Umesh Yadav and Mohammad Shammi bowling over 150 kph speeds and making Kapil Dev look uncomfortable.

We also see Virat Kohli going for difficult victories despite entire previous generation of cricketers clubbing together in order to state his (kohli's) cricketing theories wrong. Sanjay Manjrekar, while doing commentary for "Star Sports" said that "Virat waits for things to happen". This is the biggest ever lie you will hear. In fact the same indian commentators have blamed and criticized kohli for being over aggressive and impatient in Sri Lanka series. This is clearly jealously of previous generation cricketer or something near to it.

Under Kohli the same bowling attack is picking up all 20 wickets in test match cricket which previous captain believed was incapable of bowling out oppositions ( and thus used it excuse for losses and draws).

Kohli has also been able to bring out best in his players. Look at what he has done to Cheteshwar Pujara and Ajinkya Rahane. Both of them are now expressing themselves. Under MS Dhoni both performed ordinarily.

Indeed Virat Kohli is already the best Indian Cricket team captain.


  1. Indeed Virat Kohli is the best captain of Indian Cricket team. He took captaincy when all seniors got retired and even with inexperienced team he has won so many series in a row and India is number 1.


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