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Sorry, but Cheteshwar Pujara Is Not the Wall of Indian Cricket

Stats can tell you lot about about a player, but they can also mislead you while assessing his abilities. Cheteshwar Pujara, India's number 3 batsmen is prime example of it. And slow strike rate has nothing to do with it.

Number 3 position is one of the most critical positions in batting order of any cricket team. Especially in conditions where ball tends to seam or swing more, the importance of solid number 3 batsmen can't be emphasized enough.
Opening batsmen are vulnerable by very nature of the game. They are the ones who face the new ball bowlers first up on the fresh pitch. No one knows how a pitch is going to behave before a ball is bowled. Openers can come and go within minutes. 
Number 3 batsmen has an important role to not only judge the conditions but also to set the momentum for a batting team.

If a pitch is doing plenty of things, like seaming and swinging, and giving lot's of assistance to bowlers, the job of number 3 is to display solid technique and preserv…

Dicey Wanderers Pitch - Green Top Vs Dust Bowl Pitch

Third test match of freedom series 2018 being played between number 1 ranked India and number 2 ranked South Africa has been halted because of a bouncer that has hit Dean Elgar (South Africa opening batsmen) on the helmet.

Some people are already saying that it's a dangerous pitch. Michael holding, former West Indies great fast bowler, has given the pitch 2 out of not 10 but 100. He also recommend calling off the match.
On the other hand, Ajinkya Rahane, Indian middle order batsmen who made 48 runs on same pitch and fought it out in the middle along with his brave captain Virat kohli, says it is just a challenging wicket and not dangerous.

If you are a neutral, and just look at it from distance, this Wanderers pitch is just dicey and not life threatening.
"Life threatening," - Yes! Keep these two words at the back of your mind as you read on.
Lot has been talked about and written on pitches on which cricket is being played these days. Many people have complained that th…

Virat Kohli's Art of Picking Perfect 11

As this cricketing article being written, there is a live test match going on between India and South Africa at Wanderers cricket ground at Johannesburg.

Virat Kohli has bought back Ajinkya Rahane in the team and dropped the much celebrated off spinner Ravichandran Ashwin.

As always the cricket experts in India and Indian media is out with all the loaded guns and firing shots after shots at kohli.

This time question is not - Why Ajinkya Rahane, the batsmen with best overseas record in India (not true in reality), is not included in 11? But, it is - Why Ravichandran Ashwin is not in 11.

He not only picked wickets but batted well too, says critics of kohli.

Thankfully, Virat Kohli is a personality who never gets bogged down  by outside influence and take his own decisions. As he himself said in a fiery press conference at the end of last test match - "We don't pick 11 based on results".

That time he dropped slow medium pacer Bhuvneshwar Kumar (bhuvi), and got nailed by me…

Don't blame Kohli for Loss When You Can't praise him for Wins

India has just lost couple of test matches in South Africa and battle ready swords are out pointed towards Virat Kohli, the captain of Indian Cricket team.

The quickness with which these swords have come out of scabbards shows that majority of indian cricket critics were waiting for an opportunity. An opportunity that Virat Kohli denied them ever since he took over captaincy in middle of the test series in Australia from his predecessor MS Dhoni.

So called experts in Indian cricket had no doubt whatsoever that Virat Kohli will fail as captain. They thought he is over aggressive, arrogant, and what not. And when he lost that first test as a captain at Adelaide while going for a chase, the critics got off to the perfect start.

While Kohli thought he had sawed right seeds in encouraging team to go for a win in a overseas test (a rarity in India cricket), critics called it a nonsense and arrogant move.

For the next 6 months no stone was left unturned to remind kohli that he committed a s…

Why Virat Kohli was 100 percent Right in Dropping Bhuvi from Centurion test

Lot of abuses have been hurled on indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli for dropping Bhuvneshwar Kumar (India's slow medium pace bowler) from playing eleven of recently concluded centurion test match between India and South Africa.

Some are saying that it is arrogance of the captain while others believe that ego of winning 9 series in a row has reached kohli's head and he is changing and tinkering team as per habit.

Well, while sections of Indian media might believe that they will get instant popularity among already hurt Indian cricket fans, who are going through pain of another overseas defeat, by insulting and abusing Kohli, we will make it clear here that Virat Kohli was 100 percent right in dropping Bhuvneshwar Kumar aka Bhuvi from playing 11 of centurion test.

Sometime comparison helps. Especially when it is done between similar entities. Fortunately we had couple of similar type of players in this test match too.

Both Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Vernon Philander and right …