Use of sandpaper by Australian cricketers to alter the ball condition by rubbing it on it - now called the "sandpaper gate" has already resulted in few casualties.

Steve Smith (captain of australia cricket team) and David Warner are banned for 1 year from playing cricket. Darren Lehman, the controversial coach has resigned as this article is being written. These guys won't participate in 2018 IPL edition too.

In his press conference, admitting the sin, Steve Smith cried. While one can understand Smiths emotional state, what has been intriguing is some of the Indians who have also shed their tears along with him, and asking cricket Australia to forgive him.

steve smith crying
complete statement of steve smith as he cries during press conference accepting his mistake in ball tampering saga

While there has been no statement from Virat Kohli on Twitter Facebook or Instagram related to ball tampering controversy, quite a few cricketers have spoken their mind.

Ravichandran Ashwin has just tweeted : "The world simply wants to see you cry, once you have cried they will feel satisfied and live happily ever after. If only empathy was not just a word and people still had it. God give steve smith and bankroft all the strength to come out of this".

Here one can understand Ravichandran Ashwin and similar reaction by other cricketers like Michael Vaughan and Faf Du Plessis empathizing with smith and calling him a "one good guy".

Vaughan, former captain of England has posted this tweet : "Good people make mistakes. I honestly feel Steve Smith and Cam bancroft are decent guys who had a moment of madness, they deserve a second chance and hopefully get the right support around them now. Takes a lot of guts to do what they did". This is same guy who blamed VVS Laxman of India to use vaseline on edge of bat few years ago.

Faf Du Plessis was spotted putting chewing gum like material on cricket ball in Australia and was fined too. While powerful cricket board insured that Rahul Dravid got away with similar incident in Australia during his days as Indian cricketer.

Common thing here is every incident has Australia Cricket team as a common. Let's move on and back to topic.

What is beyond logical mind is tears shed by people who constantly attack indan captain Virat Kohli for his aggressive attitude, and made everyone believed over the years that he is a spoilt bratt. 95 percent of such people are those who have occupied Indian cricket's commentary box, and have influenced people, and have created an Image, a bad image of Virat Kohli.

We have heard these people commenting on TV "I have no time for such things". These are the men who seems to be in forefront to empathize with cheater Steve Smith (by his own admission).  These are the same men who never forgave S Sreesanth, even though honourable court cleared him.

These crocodiles (Indian cricket hijackers sympathizing with Smith) are the ones who blindly suggested many a times to enforce Aussie domestic cricket structure in India too, blindly ignoring the length and breadth and diversity of India.

While they may have quite a few fans, millions of them, following them on social media and hypnotized by their artificial simplicity, those who are new to cricket, it's a humble request: "Beware of  those empathizing with crying steve smith".

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