Criticism is what is earning a bread and butter for many in and around Indian Cricket team. And criticizing Indian Captain Virat Kohli seems to make big money, going by how the critics is frequently after Virat Kohli.

During South Africa and England tours critics were after Virat Kohli for dropping Pujara and Rahane ( two players who were badly out of form), but than when he bought them back, he was accused of making too many changes and not sticking to playing 11.

Here in Border Gavaskar trophy in Australia, he tried not to change media favorite out-of-form openers, trying to stick to 11, again is being criticized  for not persisting with KL Rahul and Murali Vijay.

virat Kohli and hardik pandya

Yet, critics want India to win matches. Do they really know, it required not only to take wickets but also to put up runs. Virat Kohli alone can't do it. So changes made by Kohli by bringing in Mayank Agarwal and Hanuma Vihari were absolutely needed

Now lets take the case of last test match played at Perth cricket stadium. There critics think that Virat Kohli made one of many blunders by not including left arm spin bowler Ravindra Jadeja in playing 11.

But this is where the Virat Kohli's critics has made ultimate fool of themselves, once again, as left arm spinner had nothing to do with outcome of the result of that cricket match.

Match was basically decided by the toss. Australia won the toss and won the match (Indian media never has had guts to talk about bad overseas pitches). The first session, if in which Ravindra Jadeja had played would have been rendered useless, allowed Australia to score over a 100 runs on a benign surface than.

Later the pitch kept on deteriorating and batting became difficult with up and down bounce in the pitch. Loosing the toss meant India had to bat last on unplayable pitch and they lost.

They lost not because of  Virat Kohli's decision to go with 4 quick bowlers and also not because one of those 4 fast bowler's was Umesh Yadav, they lost because of shear bad luck and some careless shots played by likes of Cheteshwar Pujara and Ajinkya Rahane ( 2 of the most over rated batsmen).

Critics of Virat Kohli not only making fool of themselves but also squandering a great opportunity to present Indian cricket in a manner it deserves.

Virat Kohli is truly God's gift to Indian cricket. Focusing too much on his on field facial expression and not on the great leadership qualities he has which we have already discussed in why virat kohli is already the best Indian captain, critics of Virat Kohli is doing injustice to game of cricket.

Most critics of Virat Kohli are being patted at the back by the opponents of Kohli, and these fools feel over the moon, not understanding that  they are being made a part of a huge joke.

It's very easy for Indian captain to hide behind a spinner in a test cricket overseas and than blame the conditions when not been able to win a series. Kohli is not one of them.

Other thing which most previous Indian Captains always longed for was to earn this gentlemen tag. By remaining quite and looking cool, but they must know and should know that only gentlemen in an any spot are the persons who win the titles.

Kohli is certainly the true gentlemen and he was right when he dropped Bhuvneshwar kumar in South Africa and he is right this time too when he didn't included Ravindra Jadeja in playing 11.

As I end this article, a big cricketing website experts are discussing why Kohli has made another blunder by not fielding first at Melbourne MCG boxing day test match, because as per them former  Australian captain Allan Border said there is 15 mm grass on pitch and one must field first.

These critcisers are mostly former Indian test cricketers, sadly.

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