The third day of third test match between India and South Africa is about to begin. Indian fast bowlers have already claimed 18 south african wickets as compared to south africa's quick men who have managed mere 10 wickets at an average that they should be really ashamed of.

umesh yadav
umesh yadav is too hot  to handle

Yes, India can be a tough place for faster bowlers, but isn't litmus test is when, when the conditions are not in your favor? Are south african bowlers only capable of performing in conditions that are heavily loaded in their favor? The answer is probably 'Yes'. This is what the stats suggests too.

Coming back to this series some of the analysts in India are finding it hard to give credit to local bowlers, likes of Umesh Yadav and Mohammad Shami. It's so difficult for these analysts to accept that they were wrong pretty much every time while criticising these bowlers.

These are the same bowlers which were blamed for India's lack of success while touring overseas. The fast bowlers in squad right now: Umesh Yadav, Mohammad Shami, and Ishant Sharma were all part of touring team when India faced whitewashed under MS Dhoni.

To save the face of their favorite captain amidst clean sweeps which India suffered, Indian cricket analysts put blame entirely on pace bowlers.

Remeber this phrase? :"What can captain do when bowlers aren't good enough," was a standard statement to put up in every cricket article.

Some even went on to suggest: India should stick to their strength. Play 5 spin bowlers.

Thankfully, Virat Kohli was made captain and the confidence and backing he gave to his fast bowlers (by trusting them even in India/ subcontinent) has made them together as a bunch of most fearful pace battery that batsmen have faced in recent years.

Excuses coming from Indian cricket analysts regarding non performance of south africa's fast bowlers are illogical and make no sense.  Have a look at some of the excuses:

India's fast bowlers revel in toss advantage: Really? Virat kohli as a captain has probably the worst record when it comes to winning tosses. In recent leg of away tours India's fast bowlers have picked up bucket full of wickets, especially in those matches where Indis lost the toss.

India's fast bowlers know they have to bowl in short spells: How can you say that? How they know that spells will short. Not that pitches are assisting fast bowling. They are far from being turners too. And what is stopping south africa from bowling short spells. In fact, SA bowlers have bowled shorter spells in this series as compared to Indian bowlers.

Indian bowlers have had more rest : Nonsense! Everyone of you know that it was south africa who was made to follow-on in second test. Their fast bowlers were warming the bed in dressing room. It was Indian bowlers who were in field in that hot weather at Pune.

Fact is south africa bowlers have been brutally exposed. On same pitches where India's fast bowlers have taken 18 wickets at average of 19.5 and strike rate of  38.9, south africa's much wanted battery of fast bowlers have claimed mere 10 wickets (mostly tailender batsmen) at a disgraceful average of 70.2 and strike rate of 131.7.

All in all, Indian fast bowlers have comprehensively outclassed and out bowled their opponents. Those who want to demean efforts of India fast bowlers can cling on one opening spell from Kagiso Rabada. 

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